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Our Commitment


  • We will provide you with a reliable supply of high-quality Australian food products at good value for money.

  • With our direct access to Australian growers and food manufacturers, we will work with your company to provide consumers with a diverse range of premium quality fresh produce and other leading Australian food brands.

  • We will play a proactive role with in-store promotional activities and other marketing events. 

  • We will source other food products of interest that we may not be currently carrying. 



  • We will provide you with insights on the current local food market scene – including trends, tastes, and preferences. 

  • We will use our knowledge of the local market and the relationships that we have established with our customers to provide you with timely market updates on customer needs, including market gaps, unmet needs and emerging opportunities. 

  • As your representative and distribution arm in the Philippine market, we will raise awareness and market penetration of Australian products by providing you with the appropriate marketing advice on local product positioning, packaging, and display needs, where required. 

  • We will ensure that your products constantly make it to the shelves of retail markets on a continuous basis and gain favorable acceptance amongst the local consumers.

  • We will take part in promoting your products by conducting in-store product sampling as well as participating in different types of marketing events.

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