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         Bridging Flavors, Building Taste      


M-Square Trading Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based specialist consolidator, exporter and marketer of food products grown, produced and manufactured in Australia.  Founded in 2000 and managed by a Philippine-born Australian citizen, the key objective of our company is to serve as a bridge between Australian food growers and producers and Philippine importers and retailers of high-quality food products.



We represent Australian growers and producers/manufacturers of premium quality products by serving as their distribution arm in the Philippines. They are growers and manufacturers of:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits

  • meat products

  • small goods

  • dairy products

  • packaged and non-packaged food products

  • processed and non-processed food products


We supply these exceptional products to supermarket chains and to various food service institutions, such as hotels and restaurants, among others in the Philippines.

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         M-Square Trading Pty Ltd   

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